About Us


Life is a laundry list of to-do tasks ­- the inevitable school run, the pesky dentist visits, dry cleaning pickups and sundry. Driving miles on end to find your halal meat provider shouldn’t be one. Let us alleviate your stress, so say ABRACADABRA and get ready for Halal Genie - Your Every Halal Wish Granted!

Halal Genie is a platform that connects local vendors to our customers through their favorite halal cuts. We are a young startup with a bold dream, a dream to transform people’s experience of buying meat and to reacquaint them with its real flavors.

Founded in 2018 by a self-professed, ardent meat lover, a passionate cook and a mom on double duty, Halal Genie was born with the vision to provide fresh, quality halal meat, the desire to bring back the real taste of premium meat and most of all to give people an unlimited choice of meats, cuts and flavors, all in the comfort of your home.

Halal Genie is committed to delivering farm fresh, healthy and hygienically processed meat right to your doorstep from our carefully selected local halal butcher shops.

Our Mission is:

We strive to establish products that are compliant with sharia laws
as our main focus is to deliver halal-only fresh meats.
Worry not and be confident in serving the best to your family.
We want to change the way you buy your meat.
We want to deliver fresh meat pink with goodness,
certified halal so you are not left second-guessing yourself.

We want to be your "genie" for all occasions.for all time to come.

Only The Freshest
freshMeatVP.png?1518915804557 We partner with local halal butchers to bring you the freshest of meats.
Meats are never frozen.
They are, however, held under a temperature
controlled environment in zero-contamination
packaging to preserve its freshness between the store and your kitchen.

NON GMO 100% Natural

All our Meat is 100% Non GMO– because it really
does matter how your meat is raised!
At Halal Genie, we want you and your
family to have the best quality products.
Our meat comes from trusted vendors who procure
their products from Islamic Meat & Poultry (IMP)
farms that strive to provide the best products in the market.
Every product IMP farms puts out is tested and retested to
make sure that it’s not only the best tasting, but most wholesome.
IMP takes it a step further by making sure all its birds are
antibiotic free, free range and fed a full 100% vegetarian diet.
You can always be at ease because our own family mantra at
Halal Genie is, “if we won’t eat it, we won’t sell it.
It’s that precise thinking that makes IMP products
the best in the market and we can guarantee that!

Next Day Delivery
deliveryVP.png?1518916389196 Your order will be delivered next day to your doorstep.
Our delivery window is between

Orders under $100 will be charged a delivery fee.
Orders $100 and above get FREE delivery.
It’s so easy, you can get your meats in no time.
Best of all it will come clean and cut the way you like it.